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65000 professional visitors visited the exhibition to visit and purchase, the experience value of this textile machinery joint exhibition was high

Time: 2021-07-02

The textile machinery joint exhibition, which has been deeply engaged in the textile machinery industry for 12 years, has made great efforts to seize the critical moment of economic recovery in the post epidemic era and the opening year of the 14th five year plan, and has dedicated a safe and effective feast for the majority of industry colleagues. During the five-day exhibition period, the textile machinery joint exhibition ushered in 65000 professional visitors at home and abroad. At the time of the recovery of the industry, inject a shot in the arm for the high-quality development of the industry.

As the first off-line International Exhibition of the global textile machinery industry after the epidemic, this textile machinery exhibition carries the expectations of thousands of textile workers. Therefore, the organizers of the exhibition will be the preparation of security and service work as a top priority to carry out. Optimize the details from various aspects to ensure the smooth connection of all aspects of participation and viewing, and help exhibitors and visitors to connect efficiently.
Before the exhibition, open the official website + wechat double entry pre registration, and upgrade the exhibitor's customer invitation system again, so as to facilitate the exhibitor to forward the invitation letter with one click on the mobile phone to invite customers to watch the exhibition. During the five-day exhibition period, the customer invitation system continues to open, and exhibitors can invite at any time. The pre registered audience can log in on site, scan the code with one key to obtain the chest card, and the contactless service saves time and effort, and is safe and reliable.
The pavilions are divided according to the category, and the flag hanging guidelines are clearly visible. Exhibitors and visitors can quickly follow the guidance to find the corresponding booth. The Information Office of each museum provides tour guides and other guide materials, and answers all kinds of problems encountered in the process of watching the exhibition at any time.
In order to ensure the health and safety of the audience and exhibitors, the organizer also places epidemic prevention materials at each information office, so that the audience and exhibitors in need can access them at any time. There is a shuttle bus station at the main landing area outside the exhibition hall, which is convenient for exhibitors and visitors to leave the exhibition hall, railway station, airport and other transportation hubs every day. The association village, the operation center, the Intellectual Property Office, the news center, the home technical office, the service office and other institutions are closely linked to provide services for exhibitors and visitors at any time.

Set sail and ride the wind and waves!
2022, looking forward to seeing you again!
China International Textile Machinery Exhibition 2020 and ITMA Asia exhibition came to a successful conclusion,
Thank you all for your persistence and company.
Let's meet again on November 20-24, 2022!


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