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Cone to cone winding machine

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12 Spindles Cone To Cone Yarn Winding Machine

Cone to cone winder machine Yarn cone winding machine is used to wind good yarn cone shape for knitting,warping, weaving, dyeing,bleaching,etc. It is suitable for cotton yarn,wool yarn,polyester yarn,etc.

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Cone to cone winding machine

It is suitable for various kinds of raw materials, such as chemical silk,artificial silk, gold and silver silk, deformation silk, easy operation, easy maintains. It mainly for processing nylon, polyester after dying. It can be done accord to your request exactly.

Model FH230B cone to cone winding machine
Number of spindles 12 spindles/set, 4spindles/group
Spindle gauge 360mm
Dimensions L4300mm x W500mm x H1000mm ( 12 spindles)
Cylindrical assembly wound package  See the sample bobbin from the customer
Form of operation Single side
Productivity 8kg - 10kg/spindle(witnin 24 hours)
Bobbin type Flat bobbin or conical cone
Motor 370W/12spindles
Voltage 220v/380v, single phase/three phase, 50hz/60hz
Winding yarn type Chemical silk, artificial silk, gold and silver,deformation.
Yarn speed 350m/min
Package Wooden Case


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