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JM-A precision winding machine

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Directly Inserted Precision Winding PTY DTY machine

Using centralized control, Individual management
Using DC brushless motor, more power saving
Using computer control, Broken yarn stopped , Metering function
Using Soft start,Less loss,easy to use
Using mechanical anti-stack,Soft edge,Make bobbin more uniform
Using Lubricating oil, The noise is lower, Accessories long service life
Adjustable forming length, Shoulder angle and tension control

  • Product Description

FH-JM straight precision winder is a series of winder series produced by our company. It is suitable for all kinds of raw materials such as silk, hemp, yarn, and thread, etc. cylinder. The model has a single spindle single control of the basic functions of the external use of a positive winding yarn winding bobbin clamp; 2 winding constant line speed; 3 oil-immersed shuttle box; 4 oil stick refueling speed 5 - 20 rev / min adjustable; 5 with a soft edge device and edge function; 6 yarn tension dynamic adjustment; 7 drum yarn and friction stick constant pressure contact; 8 main motor speed and roller motor speed stepless adjustable; 9 Controlled color screen control and other characteristics and technologies, the appearance of the package is beautiful and the texture is delicate. This model is an ideal choice for high-quality manufacturer of packaged yarn.

Technical Parameters:
Model: Single-sided single spindle, Centralized control
Spindle: 4 times the number of spindle, the standard 24 spindles / set
Spindle distance:370mm
Oil way: Automatic oiling, speed adjustable
Winding method: Single spindle active precision winding
Winding shape: Straight edge, bevel edge adjustable
Winding tube: Parallel, pagoda tube
Winding travel:120-230mm
Winding speed: ≤500 m/min
Winding diameter: ≤280mm
Skein diameter: ≤550mm
Cartridge diameter: ≤320mm
Actual power:<120 W/spindle
Dimensions: 1620*710*1560 mm/group


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