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JM-A precision winding machine

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FH/JM-A Precision Winding Machine

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Using centralized control, Individual management

Using DC brushless motor, more power saving

Using computer control, Broken yarn stopped , Metering function

Using Soft startLess losseasy to use

Using mechanical anti-stackSoft edgeMake bobbin more uniform

Using Lubricating oil, The noise is lower, Accessories long service life

Adjustable forming length, Shoulder angle and tension control


Technical Parameters:

Model: Single-sided single spindle, Centralized control

Spindle: 4 times the number of spindle, the standard 24 spindles / set

Spindle distance:370mm

Oil way: Automatic oiling, speed adjustable

Winding method: Single spindle active precision winding

Winding shape: Straight edge, bevel edge adjustable

Winding tube: Parallel, pagoda tube

Winding travel:120-230mm

Winding speed: <500 m/min

Winding diameter: <280mm

Skein diameter: <550mm

Cartridge diameter: <320mm

Actual power: <120 W/spindle

Dimensions: 1620*710*1560 mm/group

Winding machine

Innovative solutions ,rugged technology and application .the winding speed is controlled by computer, max 1200M/min .precise and sensitive speed testing system can  ensure even winding length (weight) it is quite suitable for winding yarn of cotton .flax ,silk, chemical fiber. and so on many yarn, by computer control system, Electromagnetic tension control ,oiling device .making this machine good shaped ,high efficiency.

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