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Hank to cone winding machine

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Hank To Cone Yarn Winder Machine China Factory

Hank to cone winder machine Yarn cone winding machine is used to wind good yarn cone shape for knitting,warping, weaving, dyeing,bleaching,etc. It is suitable for cotton yarn,wool yarn,polyester yarn,etc.CNC Single Spindle Single Control Hank To Cone Cotton Nylon Wool Winding Machine

  • Product Description

CNC Single Spindle Single Control Hank To Cone Cotton Nylon Winding Machine

Product name Computer Hank To Cone Winder Machine
Number of spindles 24(4 spindles or 6 spindles /group)
Spindle gauge 360mm
Layout Single side
Power Supply 380V/220V 50HZ/60HZ 3phase/1phase
spindle power 120w
Max.yarn diameter ≤220mm
Friction roller specification flat bobbin Φ 80mm×220mm
or cone Φ 80mm×220mm taper 3.5°
Driving Individual
Auto Stop Device Motion sensor
Electronic Anti-Stack Inverter control
Auto-waxing device Optional
Cleaner device Optional
Electronic Yarn Clearer Optional
Air Splicer Optional
Blower cleaner Optional
Lighting System optional
Dimensions L 1454 x W 690 x H 1700 mm ( 6 spindles)
Weight 205kg/group


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