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High Productivity High Efficiency Cotton Yarn Twisting Machine

Chemical Long Fiber Two-for-one Twister achieves one turning two twisting. Its efficiency is higher than traditional machine in times. Take-up volume increasing, no piecing in ten thousands meter, twisting quality highly improved. Simple drive system, easy for maintenance.

  • Product Description

High Output Two For One Cotton Yarn Twisting Machine

The yarn twisting machine has wide application scopes, modern design, big take up amount, high speed. It is easy to operate and maintain, low noise and power consumption. It is a high efficiency and output yarn twisting machine with twisting and stranding. It has the mechanism with planetary direction exchanging. Stranding and twisting of the twine can be finished in one time. It is suitable for primary twisting and re-twisting of all kinds of PE twine, PP twine, PET twine, nylon twine, cotton twine, and twisted ropes in small size.

● Wide range of machines to suit varied process requirements from fine voile yarns to coarse carpet yarns.
● Four spindle drive with tension rollers for reduced power consumption.
● Creeping device provision for soft wound direct dye packages.
● Lowest power consumption.
● Largest exported twisting machine from China
● All machines available with optimal features for producing die packages, weaving yarns etc.

Product name

Two For One Cotton Yarn Twisting Machine

Number of spindles

16spindles/section, standard is 128 spindles/set

Spindle gauge



Double sides single layer



Twisting range

65- 2025T/M adjustable

Twisting direction

S or Z

Twisting traverse


Angle of winding


Start mode

Star-delta slow start

Spindle Driving

Belt circulation driving



Spindles tensioner



16spindles(2448*900*1270), control box length 2500mm

Q1: Machine advantages
A: The pressure is controlled by mechanical means. The cradle lifts automatically when a yarn break occurs to enable the operator to easily identify the position.
Q2: Can this machine be suitable for cotton ?
A: Yes, this machine only suitable for cotton, wool, acrylic and blended yarns


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