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Tight gooved drum yarn winding machine

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High Speed Tight Cone Winder / Winding Machine

High Speed Tight winding machine, it’s mainly for the yarn After Dyeing rewinding or yarn rewinding using cone to cone directly, suit for winding like Fiber yarns, Cotton yarns, FDY, Polyester yarns and etc, and it can take up with Conical Cone or Tube bobbins. It has the feature of High Efficiency and well take-up finished shape, can alleviate the intensity of labour for next processing work.

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FHCT-J yarn winding machine

It applied to cotton, linen, silk and other types of cheese or tube yarn skein winder (hank) into knitting machine, warping machine  models used  directly on tapered ideal model of tight package this machine is especially suitable for K silk winding into the class elastic yarn meet the technological requirements.

Bobbin type: 5"(170mm) Can be customized
Layout Single-side, can be 84/108spindles
Power Supply 380V/220V  50/60HZ  Three phase/Single phase
Driving Every spindle per motor
Power Comsumption 0.09KW/spindle
Take-up package Tube Bobbin (0°) / Cone 4°20, 5°57, 9°15
Yarn tension and waxing device Every spindle has a yarn tension and waxing device
Auto Stop Device Each spindle install auto stop device
Electronic Anti-Stack Inverter control
Cleaner device Every spindle has a Mechanical Knife yarn cleaner
Dimensions L 2230 x W 1100 x H 1600 mm


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