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Cone to cone winding machine

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Application and Characteristics:
1. Winding type: drum type and random winding
2. Tension control mode: tension disc and pole
3. Roll touch pressure control mode: pneumatic spring auto-compensation type
4. Anti hard-edged mode: Transverse moving type
5. Anti-overlap mode: Electronic frequency anti-overlap device
6. Electronic recording length of yarn and Hall sensor
7. Automatic stop for full bobbin and yarn breakage

  • Product Description

Winding machine

Innovative solutions ,rugged technology and application .the winding speed is controlled by computer, max 1200M/min .precise and sensitive speed testing system can  ensure even winding length (weight) it is quite suitable for winding yarn of cotton .flax ,silk, chemical fiber. and so on many yarn, by computer control system, Electromagnetic tension control ,oiling device .making this machine good shaped ,high efficiency.

Technological   data
Product name Cotton Cone To Cone Winder   Machine
Product number 2
Number of spindles 246 spindles/group)
Spindle gauge mm
Layout Single side
Power Supply 220V 50HZ 3phase
Max.package diameter 250mm
Take-up traverse 152mm
spindle power 120w
Take-up speed Max. 1000 meters/min
Max.yarn diameter ≤260mm
Friction roller specification flat bobbin Φ 80mm×220mm
    or cone Φ 80mm×220mm taper 3.5°
Driving Individual
Auto Stop Device Motion sensor
Electronic Anti-Stack Inverter control
 Auto-waxing device Optional
Cleaner device Optional
Electronic Yarn Clearer Optional
Air Splicer Optional
Blower cleaner Optional
Lighting System optional
Dimensions L 1454 x W 690 x H 1700 mm ( 6   spindles)
Weight 200kg/group


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