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FH-GS precision winding machine

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1200m/min Pineapple Cone Winder Machine

Precision traverse winding machine(pineapple cone winder machine),Innovative scheme, advanced technology and application. The winding speed of this machine is controlled by computer, which has the maximum of 1200 m/min. Precise and sensitive speed testing system can even ensure the winding length (weight). It is quite suitable for winding Nylon, Filament yarn, Polyester yarn, FDY, DTY And other chemical fiber.

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FH-GS High-Speed Precision Winding Machine (hank to cone or cone to cone)

This series of high-speed precision winder is applicable to the winding of hank rewinding or rewinding of cotton, hemp, wool, chemical fiber and blended yarn. The machine is single-sided work, sheet metal structure; touch screen centralized control; Yarn forming adopts fully digitized, programmable, high-speed and online tension controllable automatic tracking automatic unwinding electronic yarn forming control system, removing the traditional sense Mechanical structure transmission maintenance is cumbersome and mechanical noise; High-precision and high-precision high-speed winder is realized, and automatic molding control is completed according to required density, soft edge, different edge angle, forming length, etc. to assist other devices. Such as refueling devices to meet the production process.

Product name FH-GS High-Speed Precision Winding Machine
Type of winding Precision winding
Layout Single side
Spindle Nos. of each group 4 spindles
Min/max of spindles 4-60spindles
Spindle gauge 500 mm
Drive Each spindle working separately
Forming method Electronic guide yarn.
Bobbin type Flat bobbin or cone(according to sample bobbin of customer)
Package shape Tubular or skein shape hank yarn
Maximum silk billet diameter ≤300mm
Maximum winding range 152mm/190m/230mm (Optional)
Single spindle total power  500W
Power supply 190-230mm
Twisting traverse 380V 50HZ three-phase five wire system. (Optional)
Per group size L1770mm X W700mm X H1560m 
Head chamber of machine size  L460mm X W420mm X H1200mm
Mechanical speed Max 1200 Meter/min(depend on process parameters)
Oil way Automatic oiling, speed adjustable
Yarn count range 20d---1000d
Package weight Up to 3kg(Depending on the variety of yarn)
Yarn type Covered yarn, ordinary filaments, elastic yarns, fine technical yarns etc.

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