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New User Purchases Winding Machine FAQ

Time: 2019-02-16

by zhuji feihu textile machine co., ltd

Customer after the purchase of winding machines may encounter in the use of various problems, the customer's production was affected, a careful analysis of theseproblems can be roughly divided into the following areas.

1. The use of the environment and the problems caused by power supply

Winding machine belongs to precision electrical equipment on using environment is has must requirements of, wet, and dust, and vibration these will effect winding machine of normal using, long-term in such environment of winding machine, the parts of wear and normal state are is non-normal of; power of normal supply is very important of, in voltage fluctuations big of using environment in the winding opportunities appeared not normal of temperature rose, and overheating and the electrical control system of exception, winding machine controller is very precision of control system, it on power of requirements more high, Qualified customers should have a dedicated circuit power supply circuit Terminal is equipped with a regulator.

2. Winding parameters setting issues arising from improper

Winding machine of normal work without winding machine parameter of right set, parameter set errors also will makes winding machine cannot normal work, user in using Shi should note combined products of production process on winding machine for right set, common of winding machine parameter has up around points, and winding wide, and total circle number, and up around slow, and stop slow,, winding machine manual in the on these function has detailed of description and application example for user reference.

3. Arising out of the winding process and use of materials frequently asked questions

Winding process of right Yu whether, decided with automatically winding machine can normal of around business coil, a excellent of winding process can provides processing efficiency, reduced wire of loss, instead a errors of winding process makes winding machine around business of coil not meet design requirements, winding machine in job Shi need using wire and skeleton, these using of material on winding machine of normal work up with very important of role, inferior of enameled will caused row line not neatly, deformation of skeleton will makes winding machine in around business Shi spindle shaking, edge stack line, problem.

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