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Spinning Machine Is An Important Support For Textile Transformation And Upgrading

Time: 2019-07-08

The day before, should the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (hereinafter referred to as: International Fanglian) and invited the German Textile Machinery Association, Chinese textile industry association president Sun Ruizhe's visit to Germany and Spain, attended the international associated textile machinery workshop, visit the German Frankfurt Technology Textiles and nonwovens exhibition, and visit the local scientific research institutions, and textile manufacturing brand clothing enterprises. The vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation, Xu Yingxin, Chen Dapeng, Li Lingshen, and the end of small equality, attended the meeting and accompanied the visit.

The Symposium on the textile machinery of the international textile Union (ISU) is a traditional Symposium of the international textile Union (ISU), which is hosted by the Textile Machinery Association of Switzerland, Germany and Italy every year. Representatives of the members of the International Federation of spinning and the representatives of the world's major textile machinery manufacturers were invited to attend the conference to conduct in-depth exchanges on the status and development of textile industry, especially the textile machinery industry. This year's meeting was held in Frankfurt, Germany in May 8th, and 152 industry representatives from nearly 20 countries and regions around the world attended the meeting.

Sun Ruizhe, President of the China Textile Industry Federation and vice chairman of the International Textile Federation, gave a speech at the meeting to explain the present situation and future of China's textile industry.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out that China's textile industry is in the key node of the transformation and upgrading. The growth of China's textile economy is slowing down and the cost is rising, which is in line with the law of economic development, which reflects the deepening of the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry. Textile machinery is an important support for the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry.

The development of the textile industry, a China Sun Ruizhe pointed out that the development of the industry is not a zero sum game, cooperation has become an important source of competitive advantage, to establish a new concept of Industrial Development: from competition to seek cooperation, from single to multiple ecological structure, from forced adaptation to active innovation, from the emphasis has turned attention to the sharing of responsibility from the development of interest orientation. The development of Chinese textile industry to focus on the following four aspects: one is the rich industrial supply, enhance the ability to adapt to the environment, market, capital, network, technology and culture as the starting point, the formation of effective and diverse industry supply; the two is to improve the supporting system, enhance industrial capacity, upgrading of industrial structure, service and innovation infrastructure, enhance industrial efficiency and release industrial innovation activity; the three is to deepen the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, flexible production capacity, the implementation of "China manufacturing 2025", to promote the integrated management information system application and standards, and the construction of credit system and management, promote collaborative management processes, personnel quality and the intelligent manufacturing system; four is the implementation of social responsibility, enhance the ability of sustainable development, to promote social responsibility, optimize the supply chain construction, enhance the ability of green manufacturing, green development Color products, create green factories, build green parks, and improve the green manufacturing support system.

At the meeting, chairman of the International Union of African cotton, spinning and textile industry association president Bedi, vice president of the International Union of textile fiber industry, South Korea Federation will grow and crane to speak on the current situation and development trend of Africa, South Korea, Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey and the European textile industry.

At the same time, representatives from Murata machinery, Ou Ruikang, Grosz, Sanderson reggi, such as textile machinery companies to share the market performance of their enterprises in 2016, and the trend of development of the textile machinery market in 2017 was forecasted.

The conference announced that the next international textile machinery symposium will be held in Zurich, Switzerland in April 2018, and will be held by the Swiss Textile Machinery Association.

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