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Wool Spinning Silk Nylon Cone To Hank Reeling Machine

Applicable to fine wool or coarse wool or midfibre fabric finishing, make after finishing the fabric with a stable size and feel smooth and soft, gentle gloss characteristics. The machine has the characteristics of large capacity, high efficiency, electricity saving, saving steam and energy saving. Automatic control of tension and process flow by computer.

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FEIHU High quality textile yarn hank reeling machine


Hank reeling machine FH24K, it is with simple structure, easy for you to operate, you can easily make the yarn off after stained. This machine can easy nylon hank reeling.

It can be produced according to your request exactly as following:
1: Self control for broken yarn test.
2: Self control for finished tube.


Hanks 24 20
Cutter distance 100-140mm 100-140mm
Main for what Cotton yarn/thread Cotton yarn/thread
Transformable counter By change gear  By change gear
Yarn predetermined counter Digital preset counter Digital preset counter
Speed control 300-350rpm by inverter 300-350rpm by inverter
Hank shaping  D type drum dial shaping D type drum dial shaping
Brake system By magetic brake By magetic brake
Dimensions L3750*W680*H1060 L3750*W680*H1060



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